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Spira footwear use wavespring technology in their shoes which is a significant advancement in sportswear design and has particular advantages for runners and walkers.
Spira build specially designed WaveSprings into the heel and forefoot of their running shoes and walking shoeswhich are stable, compact and lightweight.
These shock-absorbing springs stores and disburses energy with every step and acts as a buffer between the foot and the road and this allows people to participate in physical activity for longer periods of time with far less stress on their bodies.


The main advantages of wavespring are:

Cushioning for life


The traditional material used in running shoe soles is foam, rubber and polymers. These provide cushioning to the foot through compression, but the material begins to break down from the first step. Because WaveSpring are mechanical and work through deflection as opposed to compression, they never break down and the wearer has the feel of a new shoe for the life of the shoe. The shoe will fall apart before the spring performance degrades.


Impact reduction and injury prevention

The WaveSpring reduces impact by 20% more than traditional materials. This is very significant in high impact activities like running, jumping, power walking (where impact can be as much  4-5 times body weight) where injury may occur. The reduction in impact reduces the risk of injury to joints and provides a remarkable combination of cushioning and energy return that disburses energy with every step.
The WaveSpring™ not only cushions with every step, but returns almost the same amount of energy. Up to 96% of the energy is returned to the wearer. This "recycled" energy allows you to participate in your activities with far less stress on the joints, ligaments and the entire body than running shoes.

Return energy

Unlike traditional material, the WaveSprings not only cushions the foot with every step, but also return over 90% of the energy that would otherwise be lost to the ground. The wearer’s motion presses energy towards the ground and the Wavespings in the shoe pushes back! This recycled energy allows the wearer to participate for longer , with far less stress on their joints, ligaments and the entire body than traditional running shoes.


People who are on their feet for long periods (e.g. nurses, teachers, factory workers) find that the Spira shoes enable them to do their days work and still enjoy fresh legs and feet in the evening-allowing them to participate in other activities.
Spira’s Walking shoes offers external and internal cushioning with arch support and are deep enough to fit an orthotics insole. They are highly recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, footcare experts and have particular benefits for people who suffer from arthritis.